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- This License and Angel Policy is for any customers who wish to sell artworks
handmade using DIY Gift Package designs, patterns and templates.

You MUST read the following Agreement carefully
and fill out ALL the details below before being granted
permission to sell finished products using
DIY Gift Package and its associated products.

You may not be accepted into the Angel Policy if you do not
provide the all information below. Make sure to tick the
'checkbox' to agree with the policy and then click on 'submit'.

License and Angel Policy Agreement

(Effective 1st December, 2003.)
Dear DIY Gift Package Customer,

To maintain fair play and to promote the gifting and crafting industries, we have put in place this License and Angel Policy. Please do your part and show your support by returning this policy agreement prior to selling items made with 'DIY Gift Package' and associated products. You will need to read the following and fill out the form below completely, submit it to us and receive approval.

1. All 'DIY Gift Package' designs, patterns and templates are copyrighted by Qualistyle Pty Ltd and Janlia Chong and are protected under international copyright laws, which means that they cannot be copied without the written permission of 'DIY Gift Package' management.

2. The License and Angel Policy of 'DIY Gift Package' grants limited permission to purchasers of 'DIY Gift Package' products, designs, patterns and templates to create only 3-dimensional handmade artworks for sale with the limit of 50 sales of the finished handmade artwork per design, pattern or template per year. That means that each of the 'DIY Gift Package' template boxes and designs may only be sold 50 times under this policy within any one calendar year. 'DIY Gift Package' does not limit the types of handmade creations that may be sold under this policy, as long as within good taste and reasonable standards.

3. Any artwork to be sold must not incorporate third-party copyrighted material. The artwork must contain only 'DIY Gift Package' designs, patterns and templates and the creator's original art.

4. The following notice must appear on handmade artwork created for resale: "Template and design by DIY Gift and © Janlia Chong".

5. Artwork for sale may not be produced through production line efforts where individuals other than the seller are engaged or employed in the production of the product to be sold, whether for hire or not. Nor may 'DIY Gift Package' designs, patterns and templates be mechanically reproduced.

6. 'DIY Gift Package' images, designs, patterns and templates may not be used in any electronic media including the use of clip art in any computer or reproduction environment or related use. The distribution of 'DIY Gift Package' designs in electronic form is prohibited and is a violation of the copyright held by Qualistyle Pty Ltd and Janlia Chong.

7. 'DIY Gift Package' logos and trademarks may not be reproduced and displayed as advertising when selling the handmade creations nor used for commercial benefit.

8. Handmade creations may be sold at craft fairs, bazaars, fundraisers, or school fairs. However, handmade 'DIY Gift Package' creations cannot be sold at a fixed retail location such as a store or mall kiosk, etc.

9. The purchaser agrees not to sell, transfer or give the rights of 'DIY Gift Package' designs, patterns or templates to anyone else. Nor may they sell the designs, patterns, templates, or the finished products to other vendors for resale purposes.

10. Handmade 3-dimensional 'DIY Gift Package' creations may not be sold via the Internet.

11. Persons creating handmade items for sale are solely responsible for complying with any state and local business and tax regulations.

12. 'DIY Gift Package' may amend its policies governing the use of its copyrighted designs and images, including the License and Angel Policy, at any time. Amendments to such policies are effective at publication unless otherwise noted and will be posted on the 'DIY Gift Package' website. 'DIY Gift Package' reserves full rights to deny or terminate permission to use 'DIY Gift Package' designs, patterns or templates with respect to any particular person.

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I understand that by ticking this box and clicking submit, I agree to the DIY Gift Package License and Angel Policy.

(Make sure to fill out form correctly and completely then tick the checkbox BEFORE submitting). 

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